Off to the cloud? don’t fly blind here are some tips

When considering moving a business’ IT platform to cloud technology here are a few tips a business can do with to enable it exploit cloud technology.
• It is important that the organisation evaluates it’s business’s requirement and map it out with the expected outcome, once the business has being able to determine its goal for cloud computing then it can devise a strategy for how best to go about it.
• It is important for the business to determine what forms of cloud application best suits its operations as such the need for due diligence and research.
• The organisation should ensure that contracts papers with cloud technology platform provider is well read and understood and only trusted vendors with proven record are contracted.
• Seek out the best when hiring, recruit individuals with prior technical experience. Cloud computing will undoubtedly become a necessary workforce skill in the future, so ensure that your team has the aptitude needed to meet the needs of your customers going forward. Technical evaluations and in-depth interviews are both great ways to ensure potential candidates have the right skills.
• Offer in-house training while consultants can provide a great starting point for skill building and training, technology is constantly evolving. Therefore, offer on-going training opportunities to empower your staff by keeping their skills current.



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