Is IT actually adding value to the business?

As IT budget continue to rise the question of if the value it brings to the business commensurate with such cost has continuous popped up. While some business have being able to annex the potentials of IT to gain competitive advantage some others have struggled to do so, one clear reason being the role IT plays in such organisation. There have being evidence of businesses which have made it culture of making IT an important component of strategy planning this way the organisation is well placed to either take advantage of opportunities that arise with IT trend or respond to threats that come with it.

Why business must align business strategy with IS/IT strategy

A good business and IS/IT alignment practice offers ways to consistently get optimum business value from IT resources as proper alignment leads to improved business performance. Business/IT strategy alignment helps both the business domain and IT domain move in same direction as their objectives are unified. IT possess the capability to enable business growth, innovation and efficiency in an organisation but only if the strategy of application of any such technology is in harmony with the organisation’s business strategy and this strategic alignment helps achieve. A culture of business/IT alignment would help IT play a proactive role in formulating long term strategies that can help the business carve a niche by providing better services and products.




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