Reasons why Information Systems Fails In Organisations


There are many reasons as to why information systems fail. It is assumed that many systems fail due to technological difficulties. However this is not the case. We should also consider the problems regarding human resources and the functionality within a business. ‘IS fails when it does not meet its design objectives, excessive costs, missed deadlines, the users cannot interact well with the IS, and unable to meet the clients expectations.’ is the opinion of this article…

Other reasons why information systems do not work well is because it may not be planned properly, an organisation may not have implemented a study to good effect, if the organisation has no specific goals, lack of attention to the contribution of the staffs character, coordination and most importantly performance. “You stop working because you fail… but you fail because you stop working.” , this is an extremely relevant quote for this topic in my opinion and if put to good effect can lead to great success…


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