What I leant in this module

In the course of this class I learnt how cloud computing technology can tilt the balance for businesses hoping to use IT to gain market share. I had also learnt the various cloud technology service and deployment models. I was also able to get good knowledge of ethics and IT with relevance to regulatory frameworks with implication of whistle blowers being one of them.


Ethical Issues with Cloud computing

The concept of Cloud computing raises lots of ethical issues ranging from data security to fear of vendor lock. In majority of the cases the issue may depend on particular applications and circumstances. I found this paper interesting as it was able to identify some of these issues from the fundamental nature of the technology rather than any specific circumstances. The paper gives a proper analogy how best these issues can be addressed.



Cloud Computing Promises: Fact or Fiction

The white paper talks about the benefits and drawback of cloud computing which has become a buzz word in the computing world. Czarnecki (2010) argues that cloud computing is not a technology; it is a combination and integration of a number of technologies, none of which are new. Cloud computing is viewed as an evolution that is based on a number of existing technologies such as High-Speed networks, Powerful and Low-Cost Computing power and memory, Virtualization etc.

This white paper discusses the existing forms of cloud computing from Application Service Providers (ASP), the benefits of cloud computing such as reduced cost, the removal of internal IT departments to the increase in performance and explain the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing and clears up some of the confusion surrounding cloud computing by examining the main benefits as well as considering potential drawbacks. This whitepaper is presented in a simple and logical manner that enables anyone to understand. The research is very important as it encourages the use of cloud computing.


Chris  Czarnecki (2010) “Cloud Computing Promises: Fact or Fiction”. Technology Series White Paper.

Cloud computing and the chocolate factory

Cloud computing can fit into any business, irrespective of size or form, not even Charlie’s small chocolate factory is exempted, this video shows how much cloud computing can impact on small business by driving down their IT cost and as such allowing them to channel scarce resources to other vital areas of their business with the saving from their IT expenses. Now the letter C just seems to be my favourite Chocolate and Cloud computing.

Cloud computing to the rescue for SMEs

One of the challenges facing small business in leveraging IT to gain market shares has being the huge CAPEX involved in acquiring some of these technologies out rightly. But with the business model of cloud computing this can be a thing of the past as SMEs can now have access to latest technologies at relatively cheaper price without having to worry about cost of acquiring or maintaining such IT infrastructure as all this can be passed on to a cloud service provider.